Response to Intervention (RTI)

Academic and Behavioral System of Support
Academic and Behavioral System of Support. Tier 3: Intensive Intervention. Data based decisions and Research based assessment system. Tier 2: Targeted Intervention. Curriculum and Instruction, and Professional Development. Tier 1: Universal. AZ RTI

SCUSD is shifting services to a Response to Intervention (RTI) model for all students

  • to better accommodate in the individual needs of all students, 
  • to be in compliance with state and federal guidelines, and
  • to align with recommended best practice.

RTI is a methodology that encompasses:

  • Curriculum-based assessments of academic progress 
  • Quality/ Researched-based interventions matched to student needs 
  • Frequent progress monitoring data collection
  • Frequent review of progress monitoring data to inform educational decisions

RTI follows the following core assumptions:

  • that the educational system can effectively teach all children 
  • that early intervention is critical to preventing loss of educational services 
  • that the implementation of a multi-tiered service delivery model is necessary 
  • that a problem solving model should be used to make decisions between tiers 
  • that research based interventions should be implemented to the extent possible 
  • that progress monitoring must be implemented to inform instruction 
  • that data should drive decision making.

3 Tier Intervention System

Tier 4- Special Education: What happens after SPED recommendation or a service delivery model integrated within tier of instruction matched to the student's skill needs. Tier 3- Intensive, Individualized Interventions: Customized support for "at-high-risk" students (one-to-one or small group). Special education eligibility and determination. Tier 2-Targeted Small Group Interventions: Strategic Interventions for students "at risk" of failure; supplemental support with increased time and intensity. Tier 1-Core Classroom Instruction for All: Intervention for all students by differentiating instruction.