News & Events at San Carlos

Students and staff at San Carlos Unified School District are always up to something new, and we love to showcase their achievements and share news about our schools. Check back here often for all the latest news and information.

SCHS AVID Shirt Design Winner

Congratulations to Shania Cassa! Shania won a tablet for designing the SCHS AVID shirt. Great job Shania! Check out Shania's design in the photos below.

Parent Engagement Plan

We have added our Parent Engagement Plan for Rice Elementary School, San Carlos Alternative School, and San Carlos Secondary School to our website. To read these plans in their entirety, please see our Indian Education page.

Parents Right to Know

As a parent, you have the right to know what qualifications your children’s teacher has. As a district, we stand behind our teachers and pride ourselves in the professionalism they bring to our district. Please read through our press release on Parents Right to Know 2018 for additional information.

Perfect Attendance Award

Congratulations to the San Carlos Secondary School November 2017 perfect attendance award winners. Keep coming to school every day!

Seventh Grade
Olivia Boni, Ken Church, Jordan Cook, Anedrea Dewey, Andrea Elgo, Raquel Garcia, Rocky Johnson, Ivan Hinton, Loren Pina Jr, Tyra Ross

Eighth Grade
Reppert Cassadore III, Lily Kozie, Sebastian Lechuga, Anthony Patten, Gerald Phillips III, Laurina Pina

Ninth Grade
Maurice Anderson Jr., Marrisa Barrasa, Taleisha Bordy, Brian Cassa, Jamie Cook, Kenyon Martin, Michael Thompson, Shanaya Victor

Tenth Grade
Jaylynn Allak, Joshua Anderson, Eliah Victor

Eleventh Grade
Tamara Faye Hooke, Erik Martin, Mat Lundo Stauffer

Twelfth Grade
Katelynn Dude, Bianca Alexia Lechuga, Britney Denise Nosie, Christian Michael Nosie, Leo Ron Pechull Jr., James Talgo, Christianna Lanette Thorne, Isaiah James Wesley

Student of the Month Award Winners

Congratulations to our San Carlos Secondary School November 2017 student of the month award winners. We are so proud of you, and we encourage you to keep up with the outstanding work.

Seventh Grade
Rojelia Gonzales, Andreas Martinez, Ivan Hinton

Eighth Grade
Jaden Pina, Lily Kozie, Mario Martinez, Cathleen Bowman, Jayla Hunter

Ninth Grade
Shanaya Victor, Arnesto Irving, Emily Stanley, Leigha Hooks, Persia Lomahoema

Tenth Grade
Toya Stanley, Noelia Farriera, Akria Gooday

Eleventh Grade
Kara Victor, Brandon Woodie, Mat Stauffer

Twelfth Grade
Rayona Yazzie, Kyra Edwards, Eion Bylas, Leo Pechuli Jr., Aimee Norman, Kira Johnson

Winter Athletics Schedule

We invite you to check our Athletics Calendar often to stay up-to-date on all of our events. For your convenience, you may also download our San Carlos Braves winter athletics schedules. Come out and help us cheer on our teams!

Winter Athletics Schedule. Click to enlarge.

Child Find

Sign-ups for child find screenings for the 2017-2018 school year begin on July 1, 2017, and continue through March 12, 2018. These screenings help identify students who may qualify for special education services. For more information, please see our child find flyer.